Anti Autorun-7

Anti Autorun-7

Anti Autorun-7 protects removable drives form Autorun infections
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Anti Autorun-7 is a small utility that helps you protect your removable storage devices, like flash memories, pen drives, phones, MP3 and MP4 players, iPods, and more, from getting infected with autorun viruses.

Autorun viruses work by reproducing themselves into removable drives. Once these drives are plugged into another PC, these viruses are automatically run because of Autorun feature enabled by default on your system. You are more likely to notice this feature when you run an Installation CD. Once inserted, they automatically launch the application specified in the Autorun.inf file.

This utility avoids this kind of propagation by creating a folder in the root directory of the drive in question. This folder contains a file named "nul", just like that. Windows is unable to handle these files correctly because their names are reserved, so whenever a virus tries to create the Autorun.inf file to ensure propagation, it fails to do so because of the folder is already named the same. And it cannot erase the folder because of the stated above situation.

You can even try to erase the created folder and the system will respond with an error.

A utility that barely occupies 1 MB in disk, but offers good security in case you need to plug your removable drives in computers you don't trust.

Unfortunately, this protection can be overridden by using the command line interface with the correct command and parameters. So, total protection is not ensured. But on the other hand, when it comes to powerful viruses, even the latest AV software can be defenseless.

Misael Aguilar
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  • Offers added protection
  • Works with all removable storage drives


  • Total protection is not ensured
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